Evaluation Criteria

We set four clear criteria for our jury. These are equally weighted at 25% each.

1. Creativity & Ideation

Originality and creativity are the key characteristics of true innovation; especially when technological possibilities are reinterpreted and used in the customers’ interest. In the context of IoT, this means intelligently combining sensors, gateways, connectivity, cloud services, APIs and AI. The result is smart and networked IoT products that create real added value.

  • How should the originality or new feature be evaluated in the respective application reference (e.g. in industry or use case)?
  • What variety and combination of IoT and technology components were used?
  • Digital disruption – How does your IoT project shift the rules of the game in the industry or disrupt business models and competitive dynamics?
  • IoT story – How convincing is the vision and the possibilities with regard to further expansion or scaling of the IoT solution to other industries, business areas or regions?

2. Digital Value Creation & Experience

IoT products and solutions must create new opportunities and improve user experiences for users. Or they must generate clear efficiency and cost advantages in a company to make a lasting contribution to corporate success and enable digital transformation.

  • User experience – Does the IoT solution create new or better opportunities for use and interaction?
  • Efficiency & costs – Does the IoT project create more efficiency or cost savings?
  • Quality – Does the project change quality standards or reduce waste or environmental pollution?
  • New digital revenues – Does the IoT product or solution generate new digital revenues?
  • Status of implementation – At what stage is your project currently? (Planning phase, implementation, first customers, in productive roll-out/go-to-market, global sales)

3. Technology & Data Insights

Legacy or state-of-the-art? The question of whether IoT solutions, products and business models can be scaled and successfully operated globally depends largely on the IoT architecture and the selected technology components. Agile development methods, integration into business processes, the use of AI and secure IT and cloud operations also play an important role. When it comes to IoT, one thing is true: technology matters!

  • IoT architecture – How modern, robust, agile and secure is the IoT solution architecture? Was it orchestrated on specially developed microservices and/or cloud services? Or was a proprietary IoT solution implemented?
  • IoT application development & integration – How agile is the software and hardware development and which methods are used? What was the time-to-market? How was integrating the IoT services into the business processes and business applications solved and how was the API management implemented?
  • IoT operations & scale – Which model is used to operate the IoT solution? How does the IoT solution or product scale?
  • Data insights & analytics – How are new analytics features or dashboards-as-a-service delivered? What role do machine learning and AI play in your IoT project?

4. Leadership & Ecosystem

It is people that determine the long-term success of IoT and digital strategies. Digital leadership and new forms of collaboration (co-creation) are needed to get digital business models and ecosystems off the ground and get them to the market quickly.

  • Leadership & team – Composition of the IoT project team, role and contribution of the management as well as a description of the skills and organizational form (business unit, project team, SWARM etc.)
  • Strategy & agility – Which strategy was used to implement the project? What were the success factors? How were a fast time-to-market and the necessary agility ensured?
  • Partner & ecosystem – With which partners was the project implemented? What role does the ecosystem play for the further successful implementation of the IoT project? Which partners are currently already part of the ecosystem?

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